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The 5 modules below contain 30 KITs with over 150 activities and resources. A KIT contains suggested teaching activities as described in its corresponding lesson plan at the end of the trainer’s guide. Most KITs offer activities related to real-life cases. The KITs can be adapted to suit the needs of different learner groups. Required language level of learners is A2. Targeted level is A2+.

Online Level Test

Module 1: Social Entrepreneurship (SE)


Module 5 will guide learners in creating and maintaining an ePortfolio to reflect on their learning as they progress through the programme, and on their potential to be a social entrepreneur.

Video on using the ePortfolio

Using ePortfolio handout

ICT tools to scaffold CLIL

CLIL awareness report

Report on social entrepreneurship

Other useful links

Case studies

30 case studies from 5 European countries will assist brave trainers who want to try CLIL for teaching social entrepreneurs and help them provide learners with real-life cases both from their local regions and at European level.

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