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Trainers using SET2CLIL are supported in three ways, the SET2CLIL Trainer’s Guide, the SET2CLIL curriculum and the SET2CLIL eRepository.

It is advised that trainers first read the SET2CLIL curriculum and SET2CLIL trainer’s guide to ensure the SET2CLIL programme is appropriate for their learners.

Trainer’s Guide


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Multilingual Glossary

The kits in the eRepository do not have the ambition to cover the whole curriculum and trainers might need to create their own additional materials, especially for topics focused on issues from a national context, such as national supports and policies for social entrepreneurs and national networks.

In addition, trainers will need to assess the level of support provided to learners when developing a social business plan in module 2. Some learners may require additional supports, as they will be tasked with developing a new idea for a social business, this may require more time than provided for in the kits. Other learners might already work in, or own a social enterprise, and therefore they will use this module to further develop an existing business, and may not require significant supports.

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