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Social Entrepreneurship – A Successful Story

Report on the Multiplying Event held at the Grand Hotel Conference Room on the 30.08.2017

The ME was a one-day event attended by 38 local participants representing local, regional and national organizations, companies, social enterprises, schools, universities and colleges among which:

Colleges: ‘Unirea’ (the Union) National College, Papiu National College, Colegiul Economic Transilvania, Bolyai - Farkas High School (Hungarian school), Sports High School “Szasz Adalbert”, “M.Eminescu” Pedagogical Vocational High School which are prestigious high vocational schools in our city and region. Schools from the countryside and rural areas were also represented at the ME. Inspectors, methodologists, trainers, teachers, head teachers and students from these schools and many others in our city joined our event.

Universities: PhD-s university professors and decision makers from ‘Petru Maior’ University, The Theatre Institute and the University of Medicine and Pharmacy were all interested in the event and the project which supported it.

The conference started with a presentation of Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership projects and the National Agency. There were mentioned the two Newsletters of the ANPCDEFP (Romanian National Agency) in which SET2CLIL project has been given as a good practice.

A GENERAL PRESENTATION of CLIL, as well as a short comparative report on the SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP STATE OF THE ART in the project participating countries followed.

The Romanian part of the website has been shown to the participants who appreciated the translation in their mother tongue of all the IOS. The teachers’ feedback showed their desire to reflect and try the materials.

Many teachers from the Bilingual Department were happy to have the IOs both in English and in Romanian. The language exercises were considered a good practice and a material to be used as it is immediately. The video movies had a great success being amusing and entertaining. Students especially liked them and their effect will be motivating for their teacher to use and disseminate them.

The material used for the first part of presentation was the “Introduction to the Curriculum” translated into Romanian (CLIL, Multiple Intelligences and ICT were described).

The Curriculum, the e-Repositary and the Trainer Guide have been all taken into discussion. After the Coffee Break interactive 'hands-on" activities were run in order to help the participants better understand them. Participants were divided in groups according to their profile and attended short INTERACTIVE WORKSHOPS so that better understanding of the outputs' content and purposes is achieved.

After the Lunch Break the “Successful Social Entrepreneurship Stories” session was very much appreciated. Representatives of local social enterprises told their stories. They were very emotional and impressive and a good example for the students and their teachers. Many questions were posed and discussions were very animated.

Conclusions were drawn and distribution of the Certificates to the participants were the next step of the event.

Feedback Questionnaires were also filled in by the participants. The ideas illustrated were positive and networking and visibility of the project and its Intellectual Outputs were the main benefits. Dissemination and multiplication were at a high level according to the responses from the feedback questionnaires. Quality and usability of the IOs were mentioned for their practicality.


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